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Wabi Sabi 侘寂 : Embracing flaws

Wabi Sabi 侘寂 : Embracing flaws


Nothing can be perfect yetbeauty exists in imperfection. 

“Wabi sabi” is a concept embracing the beauty of natural flaws inspiredfrom the Japanese philosophy. In Japanese culture, “Wabi Sabi”has been practiced as a culture for years. Wabi sabi is a japanesephilosophy that has been around since the 15th century till now. It cameabout as a reaction to the dominant trends of the time, which reliedheavily on over ornamentation, lavishness, and the use of rare materials forluxury.

Wabi Sabi by Angelo Rugs



Wabi - Sabi simply denotes finding beauty in imperfection. A way oflife accepting natural flaws.


Wabi” describesa pleasant feeling of being alone in nature away from society and “Sabi”refers to being weathered in an elegant, rustic fashion. Learning to see thebeauty of old and aging things is a way to experience the moment without havingto struggle with time.

The concept of “Wabi Sabi'' includes a soft, earthy and rustic colorpalette which welcomes calmness and serenity. Pantone colors such as lightlime, color of the year, are used to dress up the aesthetic of the place. Variouscarpets that are inspired from the wabi sabi concept have their own shine.


These carpets are made upby upcycling and appreciating natural elements and ensuring sustainability. Itprovides you with a pleasant and calm feeling that everyone is searching for.


If you are looking for carpets that create a rustic yet aesthetic vibein your home, please kindly contact Angelorugs. The Wabi Sabi collectionis definitely for those who want earthy and cool looking carpets.

Siena by Angelo Rugs





Siena, by Angelo Rugs


With this in mind, the rug company Angelo Rugs has developed severalcollections to promote natural colors. A rug full of character. Siena is adaring blend of bamboo silk and Jute. Its hand-knotted design will bring anatural and surprising touch to your interior. Gold, blue or sage, it is easyunder a dining table or for living rooms. Bamboo silk offers multiplevariations of color.


The lagoon rug, with a “Hygge” spirit, combines the elegance of naturalcolours with respect for the environment, being designed from undyed wool. Withits natural limited edition colors and material, it will transform yourinteriors into a real cocoon.

These wabi sabi inspired carpets can provide a home with a serene andnostalgic feeling. With these carpets, simplicity is a key. You can create anauthentic look in your home which is why you should choose Wabi Sabi inspiredcarpets available at Angelorugs.com


Wabi Sabi rugs are suitable for all types of projects : residential,chalets for rent, stores, hotels or any other lounge area. This trend iseverywhere, in trays, in porcelain or antique fourniture using the kintsugitechnique. Wait to see the new collection “Kintsugi” in handtufted New Zealandwool and vegetable silk that Angelo Rugs is preparing !

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