The return of the carpet: good or bad idea?

The return of the carpet: good or bad idea?

These days, carpets are making a big comeback! And yet we haven't heard much about it for years. Do you know why they are making a comeback? People have been able to untangle the true from the false, and then recognize the true value of these carpets. Can we conclude that the return of the carpet is finally a good idea? To answer this question, let's take a step back.

The return of the carpet: its history

Carpets had their hour of glory in the 60s to 80s. It was not until the 1990s that they lost their popularity. Replaced by floating floors, imitation wood..., they disappeared little by little, until a few years ago.

Moreover, we invite you to take a look at our collections of carpets and rugs. You will know by yourself what can explain this revival of popularity. Carpets are simply aesthetic (we'll come back to that later).

Why have we forgotten them?

During those glory years, carpets attracted a lot of interest to a point where the production speed could no longer keep pace. One thing led to another, and then the neglect and omissions in product development began.

Quality was lost over time. New requirements were not taken into account. Consumers have obviously lost interest. Fortunately, today we have been able to make up for the mistakes of the past. Hence the return of carpet. With the development of luxurious carpets.

What are these new carpets like?

One thing is certain: the characteristics of the carpets are no longer the same; they have changed (fortunately for the better). The materials used are of high quality, with significantly better properties. They are more insulating, for example.

Unlike in the 60s and 80s, you have more choice. There are about a hundred products in our collection, with different patterns and colors. A carpet can be available in several colors.

And that's not all, one event in particular has marked the return of carpeting :

The return of the carpet: what was the highlight?

Since the big comeback of carpet, there are now carpets made of easy-care PA fibres. Carpets in good wool quality will also be very easy to care for.  However, misconceptions about carpets still continue.

3 received ideas on carpets

It is often said that carpets are unhygienic. They promote allergies and are conducive to the development of dust mites. Is this only true (given this recent event: the return of carpeting)?

The facts prove otherwise. Some floor coverings are more unhealthy than carpets: parquet for example. Here's how it works: when you vacuum a carpet, the dust mites are immediately removed. However, in the case of parquet flooring, they just fly away. As soon as the vacuum cleaner stops, the mites rest quietly on the floor.

Yes, but it seems that carpets can cause allergies. They hold a lot more dust than other floor coverings. We won't deny the fact that they attract dust. However, this is exactly why they are recommended for people who are allergic (to dust mites)! In fact, 50% of the dust rests on the carpet. So there will be no inhalation.

All that is required is regular maintenance of the carpet. A daily vacuuming will do no harm, will it? This guarantees a long life for the carpet (longer than you might imagine: about 20 years, among others).

You might still have doubts about that. Carpets are known to be messy and impossible to clean. However, if you have serious stains on your carpet, you can choose from a number of solutions: high-pressure vacuuming, extractors, powder solutions, etc.

What other advantages are there to using carpet?

In explaining to you why the 3 preconceived ideas about carpets are wrong, we have analyzed a lot of advantages:

  • They are better than other coverings.
  • People with allergies can tolerate them well.
  • they are easy to maintain; just do it regularly.

So far, the return of carpet can only be a good idea! We have a few more surprises in store for you.

Carpets are synonymous with insulation (both acoustic and thermal). You may have noticed, but most rooms that require quietness have carpets as a floor covering: cinema, living room, company... This is simply due to the fact that the materials used to make a carpet have sound-absorbing properties in general. Carpets also insulate against the cold 10 times better than other coverings.

If you are looking for comfort, carpet is also a great solution. Not only is it thick and soft, it literally brings warmth. Carpets also cushion the fall. So, if your plans are for a space for the elderly, for a family with children..., carpeting can only be a very good idea!

Aesthetically, we have no say in the matter. Carpets play an important role in the decoration of a room. That's why they come in many colors and patterns. For example, we offer a wide range of collections; there is something for all tastes, for all decorations, for all types of architecture... If you don't find the one that suits your needs, you can always consider ordering a custom-made one.

The return of the carpet does not only benefit private individuals, owners of individual houses. You can also find them in movie theaters, in companies, etc. The hotel industry is also taking up carpeting as a new trend! In short, the return of carpet can only be a good idea.

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