Is wool biodegradable?

Is wool biodegradable?

Yes wool naturally biodegrades! Wool is a protein composed of amino acids like human hair. It will indeed naturally biodegrade in nature. Wool is a low-impact fibre. It has long been recognized as an environmentally positive fibre choice with many benefits. Choosing a woollen rug or carpet is making a choice for 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable material. When talking about CSR (corporate social responsability), choosing wool is certainly a committed choice.

Cozy rug from Angelo rugs, naturally undyed, sustainable and biodegradable

1. The ethics of wool

Wool is an animal fiber. Mainly from sheep, you can also get wool from many other animals. A cashmere or mohair rug will be made from goat wool. An angora wool from rabbits, ... If you live a vegan lifestyle, you will prefer not to use wool. But what about sustainability? Wool is sustainable while other materials like polyester, polypropylene are not biogredable. they create micro-plastics. Fossil fuel-based fibers indeed will become after a long time microplastics. These are very toxic for our fauna and flora.

Lagoon rug in undyed wool

2. Why is wool sustainable

There are fossil fuel-based fibers such as nylon, polyester, acrylic... Some other fibers are made from carbon-based products. Or even better, from renewable atmospheric carbon. Wool acts as a fertiliser when it biodegrades. It will release valuable nutrient and carbon back into the ground.

3. What atmosphere do you want to create with your woollen carpets?

Wool is thermo-regulating. It will naturally create a warm athmosphere in winter. It is not an insulator. The more you use natural wool, hand spun wool, the more the wool can regulate heat.

4. What about allergies?

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic. It will inhibit dust mites. A woollen rug will also prevent dust and viruses to circulate in the air, as dust will naturally drop on the rug. A regular vacuum will get rid of all dust mites and mould growth.

5. Wool is naturally fire resistant

You do not have to add chemical retardants to your woollen carpet or rug. When choosing a rug or carpet for a hotel project you must follow regulations. Non-fire carpets are compulsory. But actually they are too for your residential projects!

So do remember, wool is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, 100% natural, fire retardant, hypoallergenic, transports moisture away from your skin.

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