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How to dress up a hotel reception area?

How to dress up a hotel reception area?

Itexists many ways to make your lobby attractive and welcoming. Choice of acarpet should be taking seriously into account in that perspective.

                                                                                                                  Colors & Fashion

A carpet can bring a designtouch to your lobby. Therefore, it allows embellishing the interior andincrease quality perception or your customers. Mixing bright colours accordingto your decoration and adapt carpet size to make your lobby cosier bringsuniqueness

This carpet has been handknotted with New Zealand Wool and Cegetable Silk. However, the rug companyAngelo Rugs can make this carpet with other material such as Vegetable Silkoand Tencel.


                                                                                      Calm & Pastel


           Inorder to promote peacefulness, inspire quietness in your lobby, “Morrison”collection and its neutral tones which perfectly fit for it. Establish calm andsoft atmosphere to give your customers the will to read comfortably.  This handwoven model is available in a limitededition of colours.

                                                                                                          Aesthetic and Convenience


Carpeting a lobby require high-end products. Beyondcomfort and softness a tufted Angelo Rugs carpet can bring to an interior, theseprinted ones are really convenient for high traffic lobbies. Choosing that typeof carpet is a good solution to make maintenance easier. Its resistance iscomparable the one of a doormat but its aesthetic in definitely better.  


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