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Quality and excellence are the cornerstones of the ANGELO philosophy.
Each Angelo carpet is made from quality raw materials and is carefully and strictly monitored during the manufacturing process, from the creation of the prototype to the final production of the carpet.
Special care is taken to all these small details which make ANGELO carpets exceptional products.
Reactive and constantly evolving, the ANGELO brand is continuously reassessing itself in order to ceaselessly improve the quality of its products and to offer the best possible service to its customers.


Each year is an opportunity for ANGELO to surprise its customers with its unique products, thanks to its know-how and constant research on materials, structures, designs and colors.
This bold and innovative spirit has allowed ANGELO to win awards in that field.


Surprising, audacious, eccentric or even creative are all qualifying adjectives that can define the ANGELO brand. ANGELO works with many international designers who are all sources of inspiration.


ANGELO products are based on an ancestral know-how which is passed down from generation to generation, in addition to a constant search for process modernization and innovation in materials, structures and colors.